My Story


I'm a Burbank native, wife, and mother of four. As a teenager, I was a fitness enthusiast. I loved lifting weights and taking several different cardio classes. I can remember thinking how much fun it would be to teach!  That idea went on hiatus for several years.  At twenty-three, I got married, had four beautiful babies, and became a stay at home mom. However, I never took a break from my training schedule. 


I had a personal trainer for eleven years, during and after my pregnancies. I then decided I was ready to workout on my own.

I continue to train and take several different classes each week. The one class that I never want to miss is my cycling class. Cycling is intense, but it is an extremely motivating exercise. The atmosphere is high-energy, which helps make the workout fun!

I enjoyed cycling so much that I became certified through Mad Dogg Athletics, and decided to open my own studio. I'm really excited to help my clients love their body and reach their fitness goals. I feel that cycling is something that people at any age and fitness level can perform and benefit from.


I won't accept anyone ever leaving class feeling discouraged. A workout should never be grueling. I feel that is one reason why many people give up and don't follow through with a workout regiment. What makes this workout different than others and not intimidating, is that cycling is completly controlled by you, you're in control of the resistance on the bike and decide how challenging you want to work. I don't want you to cheat yourself, but I want you to progress at your fitness level.


Hope to see you at the next ride!

--Amanda McCarthy,

Owner, Rider