1903 N. Glenoaks Blvd. #D

Burbank, CA 91504






Welcome to Ride On Cycling Studio,
located in Burbank, CA.

First week is free for all new Riders!!!



To book a class please e-mail me at or call (818) 517-1541


Class Times:

Monday 9:30am

evening class 7:00pm


Tuesday 9:30am

evening  6:00pm


Wednesday 9:30am

evening 7:00pm


Thursday  9:30am

evening  6:00pm


Friday     9:30am



Saturday  11:00am



Welcome to Ride On Cycling Studio!


Ride On Cycling Studio is a small, private studio nestled in Burbank, California. My studio consists of twenty Blade Spinner bikes. I like to keep the studio small to create a less intimidating atmosphere. It also allows me to provide a better overview and instruction to my clients. This studio is a non-membership commitment, you pay as you ride and save if you purchase classes in a series. First week is free for all new riders!!


Why should you take a cycling class?


1. Burn, Burn, Burn! You can burn up to 700 calories in a 50 minute class. It will not take long for your efforts to show up as weight loss.


2. You're in control of your resistance on your bike, you will be able to advance at your own pace.


3. With only three classes a week, you will quickly see your thighs, hamstrings, calves and core take a beautiful lean shape.


4. Cycling not only builds bodily strength, but also builds mental strength. Self-discipline of the mind can be gained in cycling and be applied to all areas of self-control and confidence. All forms of excercise help build a "can do" attitude.


5. You get a hard workout, but you don't put pressure on your joints. It's great for people who can't stand the pain of a high impact cardiovascular class. You can be at any fitness level and take a cycling class.



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